Make the most of your internship!

You can read whole articles on how to turn an internship into a job on The Balance or Forbes, but we compiled a few of the most relevant tips below. I bet you’re already doing most of these things, but a refresher is always helpful!

1) Treat the entire work experience like an interview. Your level of professionalism should never waver, even as you become more comfortable on the job.

2) Network! Meet as many people as you can in the organization, take advantage of social opportunities (i.e. office happy hour) and don’t forget that even the community partners you work with are part of that network. Don’t neglect to maintain this network after you leave. Let them know that you are job searching, what kind of job you want, and that you really enjoyed your internship.

3) Ask questions and learn as much as you can. Are there meetings you might be able to sit in on? Could you set up a brief informational interview with your colleagues to learn more about their roles?

4) Show initiative. When you’ve completed your assignments, find out if there are other projects you could lend a hand on. You may also observe needs that aren’t being met and use some of your time to take on new projects that would benefit your team.

5) Communicate. Demonstrate that you have strong communication skills by communicating your successes and asking for help when needed. It’s important to find the balance between communicating enough, and yet showing that you are able to work independently and problem solve on your own.

6) Bring an enthusiastic and positive attitude even to the most mundane or repetitive tasks. This will show your colleagues that you are a team player.

7) Show attention to detail in everything you do. This will help you prove to your team that you are reliable and take your work seriously.

8) Show your gratitude. If someone takes the time to teach you something or helps you on the job, take time to let them know you appreciate it, whether it’s with a well-written email, or a cup of their favorite coffee the next day.

9) Don’t be afraid to express your interest in working there. Often times, people will complete an internship just for the experience, or for the resume boost. Your employer may not assume that you want a permanent position, so don’t be afraid to tell them that you’re happy there and could see yourself fitting in long-term.

10) Actively monitor job openings with your host site and apply to jobs that match your qualifications. Having experience as an intern there will greatly enhance your candidacy for positions with them in the future.

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