David Bouchard Transit Equity Interview

David Bouchard is a passionate and hard working job seeker who is looking for an opportunity to bring his strong background in transit equity to a transportation organization in the Portland area. Please enjoy this video interview and reach out to David directly at, or contact Melissa Robinson at Renaissance Vocational Services to learn … Continue reading David Bouchard Transit Equity Interview

Sara Frazer

Sara Frazer is a talented administrative professional, seeking a position that allows her to use her strong communication and interpersonal skills. Sara has a bachelors degree in English and Anthropology and over 10 years of experience in a professional environment. She volunteers within the Albany community and enjoys helping others to find and accomplish their … Continue reading Sara Frazer

James McCree

James McCree is a professional job seeker, looking for a career in customer service. With 10 years of experience at the IRS and over 20 years as a self-enrolled tax agent, James has a talent for working with diverse populations, and has developed a love for helping others. Outside of work, James has dedicated over … Continue reading James McCree